Swedish Grace

Antiquity,Baroque, Rococo, Nordic Mythology, Chinese style, and Precolumbian ceramics: Swedish Grace exhibited a rich form of expression, borrowed and inspired bydifferent cultures. The style was modern and forward-looking, while the backbone was its foundation. Some of Sweden's most notable buildings - including the Stockholm City Hall, Concert Hall, and the City Library - are good examples of the varied neoclassical style.

This book consists of about 650 images showing architecture and ornaments; furniture, furnishings, and exhibitions; articles in Tin, cast iron and silver; sculptures, ceramics, and textiles, all characterized by Swedish Grace. In an introductory, detailed text of the design historian and philosophy, the doctor Gunnela Ivanov describes and reconstructs the world, the expressions, andexpressions that represented Swedish Grace.

 Publishedby Orosdi Back

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