Barriers Book
For three years, Erik Hagman have visited and photographed places in Stockholm's suburbs. The background is the city's transformation, following a decision that 140,000 new homes will be built between 2010 and 2030. 
Gothenburg Book Fair
Barriers exhibited at the Gothenburg Book Fair.
A Whisper and three trembling shadows
A Whisper and three trembling shadows is an ongoing collaboration between Magali Cunico and Erik Hagman. The piece consists of a tent that acts as a camera obscura and a sound work recorded at a meadow.
Konsthall C in Stockholm
Urban Development Area
The last decade has led to eager exploitation of the Swedish cityscape, affected areas are called urban development areas or stadsutvecklingsområden in Swedish. Part of this project was exhibited at The Liljevalchs Spring Salon 2019 in Stockholm.
Three representations of Meadow
Three representations of meadow - revolves around three places that have in common that they are or previously were, maintained meadow land.
Energy Conversion is the process where energy provided by nature gets transformed into the form of energy that humans can use.
After before
In September 2000, I was living next to East River overlooking Manhattan, in Dumbo, Brooklyn. One evening I decided to photograph the Twin Towers, which I had not done before. It felt like something you should do when being a photographer living in NYC. I had found a promising spot under Manhattan bridge where they parked delivery trucks. I brought the tallest ladder I could find in the loft on Jay Street where I was living. When the negative returned from processing, I remembered that I was not happy with the image. It was dull and lacked something, so I put it away, not thinking much about it.
Artificial Landscapes
My degree project from HFF, University of Gothenburg - Artificial Landscapes deals with the eye, the camera, and the car.