Urban Development Area

The last decade has led to eager exploitation of the Swedish cityscape, affected areas are called urban development areas or stadsutvecklingsområden in Swedish.

One of the central uses of photography is documentation. I consider the photographs of urban development areas as documents of an ongoing process where the urban landscape is constantly being transformed. In the midst of this often merciless process, at times the spirit of place becomes visible, this beyond conflicting wills, asphalt pavers, and consolidation of city parks.

The light, the time, the weather and the seasons constantly change the photographic world of forms. In this fact, much of the difficulty lies with landscape photography lies, but still, it gives the bearing capacity. My fascination with landscape photography is based on this fact. The photographs of urban development areas also create a wonder how these areas will appear as grass-covered ruins.

Part of this project was exhibited at The Liljevalchs Spring Salon 2019 in Stockholm.