Limited Edition Prints

By popular demand, I have produced limited editions for a few of my images. All prints are made by me, numbered and signed. The materials used are acid-free ink-jet paper and original Epson inks. I prefer the Canson Infinity Platine Fiber Rag paper that has a satin Baryta surface very similar to Black and White, Baryta fiber prints. Since the prints are made with pigments only they display less fading and longer life than traditional C-prints. Behind UV glass they last for over 100 years before noticeable fading occurs. In addition to the edition number, they also have a unique serial number and are accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity.

Volvo 1800 ES

In the autumn of 1968, a handmade ES prototype made by the Italian bodywork company Coggiola arrived in Gothenburg. Responsible for the design was Volvo´s expert on estates, Jan Wilsgaard. The result was as cool as unconventional. The roof of the p1800 had been extended, and the car had been turned into a hatchback sports car with the tailgate made of tempered glass. Instead of distorting the original, it had been refined. Nevertheless, it would take a few years before 1800 ES came into production, just in time for model year 1972.

Limited edition print; size 43,2 x 34,7cm

Citroën SM

The story of Citroën SM begins with the DS models, competition-success in the latter part of the 1960s. Out of the success was born the idea of ​​building a Super-DS, a Grand Tourer where performance in absolute world-class was paired with the typical Citroën attributes: front wheel drive, gas hydraulic suspension and slightly avant-garde brand identity.

Limited edition print; size 43,2 x 53,2cm

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