June 11, 2019

Cover image for Carnegie 2018 annual report. Carnegie is an Investment Bank with ventures in securities brokerage, investment banking, and private banking. David Carnegie founded the company Carnegie & Co AB in Gothenburg in 1803. Today they have the headquarter in Stockholm, offices in the Nordic region and in London, New York, and Luxembourg. The company used to be on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Today it is privately held, and the business is today conducted through Carnegie Investment Bank. The image is composed of a collection of letters and financial symbols arranged to form a shadow resembling a tree. The shadow is genuine and created in-camera with studio lighting, and only minor touch up was made in post-production. The shadow of the tree is symbolizing growth, and the copy "Hålllbar tillväxt genom idéer, kunskap och kapital” translates to “Sustainable growth through ideas, knowledge, and capital”.

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